• Breakfast Is Served

  •      Growing up, I learned to cook at a very young age. My heritage is German/Swedish/Norwegian and I came from a long line of good cooks. My mother ran a bakery from her home and the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls and homemade bread was like an alarm clock before the sun broke the horizon. I prepared full meals and morning and afternoon lunches for a group of eight corn shellers by the time I was in sixth grade, complete with pie!
         Before we opened the Cupola Inn, I worked as the head baker and then production manager of the cafeteria at a junior college, I mixed dough for a gourmet cookie company, and developed recipes for a bagel restaurant. For 17 years I ran a bakery out of our home and was a vendor at the Mason City Farmers Market. Baking 60 hours per week, I made pies, cookies, cinnamon rolls, quick breads, cakes, and whatever else I had time for. During the month of December, 300-500 dozen Christmas cookies still make their way out of my kitchen for family gatherings, business open houses and parties. In 2011, I was featured in Our Iowa Magazine as baker for their holiday edition.
         My favorite part of the B&B business, beside the people, is fixing and serving breakfast. From egg dishes, French toast sundae buffets, muffins, breads, caramel pecan rolls and assorted fresh fruits and juices, people never go away hungry. Presentation is such an important element to breakfast. Using creative displays, adding finishing touches, and selecting just the right dishes from my large collection makes the breakfast dining experience a time to savor and remember.
         One guest commented after breakfast that he had one complaint. A little taken aback, I smiled when he said, " My only complaint is that you don't serve breakfast more than once a day!"