• The Grounds

    • Bonus features at the Cupola Inn are everywhere. An inviting, wrap-around, covered deck surrounds the Inn, a favorite spot for bird watching. Baltimore orioles and gold finches take over the jelly and seed feeders throughout the spring and summer. There are several water features as well as flower filled farm related planters.

    • Located in a shaded sitting area, complete with a bench swing, flowers cluster around a water lily filled pond and fountain. Other conversation areas are scattered amongst the massive wild flower and perennial beds. Thought provoking garden art will stimulate your creativity.
      In the center of the gardens, a fire ring draws guests to roast marshmallows and watch the sky fill with stars as the sun sets.

    • A collection of metal and wooden cupolas enhance the grounds and serve as a reminder of our eroding rural heritage. The barn and Inn welcome the evening with their lighted cupolas.
      Take a short walk to the river and enjoy the peacefulness of the flowing water while relaxing on the limestone outcroppings.